After 24 hours of unplanned detour (in hell), I have finally arrived at Bennington College in VT. It really does look like a bigger version of the cambridge school. Wow.

"The trains of the MBTA were built for for midgets by sadists, but are populated by the criminally insane."
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Hey mom, I just joined the Klan!!!

So my roomate Mike is always on his computer playing this GIANT ROBOT game called Heavy Gear II. One night, I got so crazy from hearing the muffled battle sounds that I jumped on my other roomates computer and started playing, and you know what? I LIKED IT!!! DAMNHELLDARNTOOTIN, I LIVE FOR THE (SIMULATED) SMELL OF MOLTEN METAL!!! Anyway, Mike has been in a Heavy Gear II "clan" for a while (an online community of giant robot enthusiasts who maintain a military structure and occaisionally make overtures about destroying the sun), and he invited me to join. So I did...
After the part where they made me shave off all of the hair on my body ("The hair is dirty," says the clan's mysterious leader, known only as "Elijah"), the whole thing was pretty chill. They're gonna give me a (low) rank and make me steal office supplies!!! Hooray!!!
Thats all for now....
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You'd think that the man who figured out the secret to immortality would have heard about the fall of the Berlin wall...

Alex Chiu's philosophy

The Church of the Subgenius has nothing on that guy. Anyway I'm up late again, "working". Ugh.
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This morning I got my first piece of fanmail after less than a week of having the site up!!! Finnish trance dj's dig me!!!
you can too (probably not):
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Uhm yeah... I am here again staying up late to do school paper things. Ian and I have done nothing but eat, sleep, and do Eenternet things for the past 2 days. Here is the sole fruit of our search for the Bizarre.
School is getting to be altoghether too wierd. I think that everyone else here is a robot, fed only by alchohol and the mysterious force known only as "T.R.L." They are all deserving of l'bomb neutron.
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Woke up, 2 midterms, slept.
Woke up, hungry, ATE!!!
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